Thursday, September 1, 2011

Adventures in New Pigments

I could not resist the allure of Daniel Smith's Primatek line of natural mineral watercolors. I used a great deal of Bloodstone Genuine on this, both for the very dark background as well as in the petals of this pincushion flower, mixed with cobalt blue. Bloodstone Genuine is reddish-black and gritty and granulates in washes like iron filings do around a magnet, with tiny "rays" of pigment shooting in different directions.

Serpentine Genuine peeks in just a bit in the leaves, mixed with green-gold. It is a lovely earthy green color with tiny flecks of red that float around in the washes. Also, Daniel Smith's Quinacridone Gold shows its range of deep russet gold to pale yellow in the pollen grains. This painting looks almost like a rising full moon when viewed in a darkened room. Once again, it's painted on Fabriano Artistico 11"x14" hot press paper. It was completed in March, 2011.

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