Friday, September 2, 2011

Something Smaller

This watercolor rose is only 7"x10".  I finished it more quickly than the others, but still it took me a couple days (off and on). I started buying more powdered pigments. With these I can make both watercolor paint and tempera paint. The leaves here were painted with my homemade viridian watercolor. Viridian is a pigment similar in hue to phthalo green, but it is non-staining and granular and, I think, richer looking. Other colors in the leaves are ultramarine blue, manganese violet, and azo orange.  The paper used is Langton Prestige cold press. It was completed in August, 2011.


  1. Hi! Josh (diamondsutra from wetcanvas) here! Great paintings .. really beautiful. I have both viridian and phthalo green. I like the smooth washes of phthalo green a lot. Do you find that it is hard to re-wet viridian? I have a hard time getting pigment off the dried pans ..

  2. Hi Josh! Thanks for visiting and commenting! I haven't had a problem re-wetting my homemade viridian. When I first made the viridian paint it cracked when it dried, which I've heard is common with viridian. So I wet it and added more glycerin and a tad more gum arabic, and it's been fine. It does flow quite differently from the smooth washes of phthalo though. It tends to have more of a sculptural quality, the way you can sweep it into thick and thin areas with a brush and have it stay that way.


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