Thursday, September 1, 2011

Second Hollyhock Painting

My second watercolor, completed in July, 2010. It is painted on Fabriano Artistico hot press watercolor paper, 14"x11". I painted more boldly on this one, and explored a new color, green-gold, which adds a nice golden shine to the sunny side of foliage. The edges of the flowers benefit from the granulating texture of ultramarine blue floated in with plenty of water.


  1. Your floral paintings are beautiful, I especially like this one. I like how you captured the translucency of the petals.

  2. Marvelous watercolor. Can u tell me how u made the green and how u make the UMB so dark. Is the pink a permanent rose ??? Congratulation for the light is a very beautifull waher color.

  3. Thank you, Citrine. And thanks for visiting.

    On this painting I remember I used Hooker's green from Sennelier for the base color of the stems and leaves, modified with ultramarine blue and cerulean blue, and a couple yellows (Sennelier Lemon and I think a cadmium hue) and burnt sienna as well as green-gold (M. Graham's azo green).

    In the dark blue background there is ultramarine blue along with Hooker's green and I think quinacridone rose. Using several glazes of those colors brought some areas to near black. I don't remember, but I might have added some phthalo blue to take it darker too.

    The pink is quinacridone rose from M. Graham, with additions of manganese violet and ultramarine blue towards the edges of the petals. The warm bright red in the center of the flower is actually a very old paint I bought years ago, and unfortunately the tube does not have pigment information on it. It is Grumbacher scarlet lake. I haven't used it since this painting, because I'm not sure of its lightfastness.


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